Luxurious oversized dresses for all shapes, in Putignano

Every Laura Lippolis Spose can feel comfortable in her marvellous wedding dress. We have a lot of models and patterns that are ideal for plus-sized brides. Larua Lippolis Spose is there to make sure you are beautiful on the most important day your life, with dresses tailored to all shapes and sizes, hiding every little imperfection. 
All shapes, even the most full-bodied, are taken care of by the skilled hands of our tailors, who will customize the wedding dress according to the wishes of the bride. We provide custom-made bridal dresses with no defects that fit comfortably just like a second skin. Bridal dresses for all sizes, not only for very lean women but also for more full-bodied women, because every bride deserves the highest quality and versatile dress on the most important day of her life. 

Not just models: also wonderful full-bodied brides

Laura Lippolis Spose makes highly fashionable dresses of superior quality, even for the more full-bodied brides. We can adapt every pattern in the studio according to the bride's dimensions, to give them all the beauty of a refined, elegant and high fashionable bridal dress, while maintaining the comfort of a second skin that highlights and enhances your figure. Hiding the little imperfections by creating amazing garments is our goal so that our brides always feel fantastic on their wedding day. 
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